Live theater, games and simulations towards collective rules and actions

We are still uneasy with moving forward while keeping a diversity of possible solutions and accepting that the one which seems the ‘right’ one is only one point of view amongst many we have to take into account. Will we be able to think more widely, i.e. to progress into a shared reasoning while setting to music diversity of perspectives and knowledge? This is difficult, but possible…and efficient. Can you achieve it? Far better than you expect. Let’s experience it!

Moving together forward in a uncertain world

Here is the challenge: On the one hand addressing issues without any preconceived assumptions about the ‘right’ knowledge or perspectives (e.g. about the actual situation, the desirable future, about what it should be done…), in order to let everyone totally free to enrich the discussion with his/her own perspective,…and on the other hand, yet agreeing on sharing these differences in a way that is enough common and structured to develop a constructive forward-looking dialogue.

Changing the rules of the game

TerriStories® is a support tool that combines concepts from role-playing games and live theatre. It allows stakeholders set forth their own perception of the challenges at stake, then depict their understanding of the situation (these will shape the board game and the game rules) and, finally, they simulate, by playing, their own ideas of relevant ways to move forward together: Where do we really want to go? How to concretely move forward this direction?…

Towards grounded changes

Our primary goal is to achieve lasting and endogenous changes, in peculiar in the way land and resources have been collectively used, regulated and managed. In the heart of every territory, there are women and men living off their land, while jointly building upon their practical experience and who have common aspirations to together deal with increasingly uncertain and unfair situations. Today, facing such ecological, economic, but also, and perhaps predominantly, political challenges, which models of society do they, and we, aspire to? Our method merely provides supports to make local people prove, for themselves as well the others, that they have at least as much legitimacy and abilities as others to make societal choices, and from that to shape reasonable and operational rules and actions.